Based on the premise of Wraith: Recon, DragonFire Team is a 4E D&D “open-play” campaign set in a high-fantasy world at war, where the player characters are members of a “DragonFire” special forces team. They are in service to an alliance of kingdoms, dealing with foreign rivals, malcontents, and enemies, some of which the DragonFire teams are most suitable to deal with – and with extreme prejudice!

The player characters are assigned high-priority, lightning-action missions. These missions are to be played out “D&D Encounters” style; that is, the game sessions will be objective-focused, quick-paced, and action-packed!

Examples objectives of these missions include…

  • infiltration
  • reconnaissance
  • search & destroy
  • seize & control
  • raid & assault
  • assassination
  • hostage rescue
  • escort
  • …and more!

For most missions, the player characters are magically (thus rapidly) transported directly to the objectives site, whether it be by flying mounts, by “feather fall” from an airship, or by outright teleportation. The player characters are to get in, complete their objectives, and then get out!

The focus of the game sessions is on skill challenges and combat encounters, with dashes of brief roleplaying and storytelling. Player characters start at 8th level and are well-equipped with magic items, for the difficulty of some missions can get quite high, with brutal and fantastic combat!

You can download and view a PDF that introduces the premise of Wraith Recon, here.

Presently, our group includes a DM and 4 players. However, this is an “open-play” campaign, i.e. we allow guest players (with a maximum of 6 players, total). A selection of pre-generated player characters is made available for guest players.

We play every other Wednesday evening, 7:30-9:30, at the Total Escape game store in Broomfield, Colorado.

DragonFire Team