DragonFire Team

Mission 01

The Guns of Netherbone

Briefing: On the western edge of the Empire of Riedra, in the coastal province of Rhiavaar, a triad of anti-airship guns have been emplaced on a high, rugged hill overlooking the island fortress of Kintam Rhlash and the coastal town of Netherbone. These guns are protecting the aerial entryway into Rhiavhaar. The fortress and the town are presently occupied by goblinoid troops, who are no doubt under the command of quori overseers.

Transport to the Objectives Site: You will depart from a secret base in northeastern Argonnessen, aboard an elemental airship. From there, you will fly westward across the Sea of Rage, to the south-most coastal tip of Dor Maleer, just beyond the southern Frostwall Mountains, where you will be air-dropped. There you will be picked up by a fishing boat crewed by rebels, which will carry you across the bay under the darkness of night, to the island.

Riedra map

Pre-Mission Objectives: You are to infiltrate the town of Netherbone and gather intelligence about the anti-airship guns, including their composition and the layout of their emplacement, and the number and quality of guards assigned to them. If possible, reconnaissance from afar the hilltop and the gun emplacement itself. Stay away from the Kintam Rhlash fortress, for that is where the majority of the goblinoid troops are stationed. (Estimated number there: 200+.) Above all, avoid any contact with quori overseers, for their psionic powers could probe and expose you, and compromise the entire mission.

(Note to players: this pre-mission is best handled by rogues, rangers, and/or changelings. It will be conducted through a series of skill challenges, and hopefully without any combat encounters.)

Primary Mission Objective: You are to raid the hill and destroy all three of the anti-airship guns, emplaced there.

Secondary Mission Objective: After notifying HQ that the guns have been destroyed, you are to assault the town of Netherbone, dispatching the goblinoid troops stationed there and liberating the town’s oppressed citizens and prisoners of war. Meanwhile, a flotilla of allied airships – on standby over the gulf, while you carry out the first part of the mission – will approach the island and descend upon the fortress of Kintam Rhlash, with allied troops aboard to seize the fortress.



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