Creating Your Player Character

Following are the rules and guidelines for creating your player character, who is a DragonFire team member. It is suggested that you use the WotC 4E D&D Character Builder. At the very least, you need access to the Player’s Handbook, and it is suggested that you also have access to the Eberron Player’s Guide and the Adventurer’s Vault.


Your character begins the campaign at 8th level.

Ability Scores

You may use either the array method or the point-buy method (22 points) to generate your character’s ability scores. Note that in addition to the bonus to your ability score(s) for your chosen race, you will be able to increase two of your ability scores by +1 at 4th level, and again at 8th level.


The following classes are allowed as DragonFire team members…

  • artificer (Eberron)
  • cleric
  • fighter
  • paladin
  • ranger
  • rogue
  • sorcerer (dragon)
  • warden
  • warlock (eldritch or fey)
  • warlord
  • wizard

The following races are allowed as DragonFire team members…

  • human
  • dragonborn
  • changeling (Eberron)
  • dwarf
  • eladrin
  • elf
  • gnome
  • half-elf
  • halfling
  • warforged (Eberron)

No evil alignments are allowed for player characters. You may be “unaligned”, but you are less likely to be a commanding officer with that alignment.

Starting Magic Items

You get 3,000 gold pieces to spend on your starting magic items. (Note, that’s 400 gold pieces more than the standard 2,600 that an 8th level player character starts with.)

Furthermore, as a DragonFire team member, you get a free +2 ranged weapon of your choice from the Special Equipment – Ranged Weapons page. You get even more free magic items from the Special Equipment – Misc page.

What Kind of Player Character Should You Make?

Read the briefing and objectives for Mission 01. This will give you a good idea of what this campaign will involve, and what kind of characters will be needed.

Creating Your Player Character

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